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Release Blitz – The Predator Part Two by Brooke May

🐼 The Predator Part Two 🐼

By Brooke May
#NewRelease #FighterRomance #ThePredatorSeries



Broken, cast away, and forgotten, I started to find myself again and become the woman I always wanted to be. But after I saw him again, the ghosts of my past no longer held me back, and I spilled it all to my best friend, Beth.

It was as if everything I went through and the years apart didn’t change how just seeing Chamberlain affected me. I need to stay strong and not let him in my heart and soul again, he’ll just break me once more.

But needing answers to I have questions of my own for why and how he could break my heart like that leading me to temptation.


Vanishing into thin air, she took my heart with her. I spent endless hours looking for the girl who got away. Only those hours led to days, then weeks, months, and now years.

I finally found Katie.

My panda.

My everything.

My always.

But she wants nothing to do with me and flees every chance I get close. I’m desperate–leading me to do anything to talk to her, win my girl back, and have a life with her.

I made my dreams come true, but it amounts to nothing without the woman I love by my side. She belongs in my corner, so I will do anything to change her mind and make her mine once and for all.

Who ever said a Predator couldn’t help heal?

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